Vision for a liberal nation

NFP candidate Ratu Esava Nabuta. Picture: NATIONAL FEDERATION PARTY

Ratu Esava Nabuta believes engaging in politics is one of the greatest acts of public service anyone can do. And that is the reason he put up his hand to be a provisional candidate for the National Federation Party (NFP) to contest the 2022 General Election.

Ratu Esava said people should vote for him and the NFP because they had and would always uphold democracy, the rule of law and respect for fundamental human rights.

“Fiji needs a kind, caring and open government that works for the people all the time,” he said.

“I want to be part of such a government, a government that believes in upholding and protecting national interest.

“Politicians first and foremost represent the voice, ideals and hopes of the people that voted for them.

“Secondly, politicians decide our laws, the use of taxpayer funds for the benefit of each and every one and formulate policies for our future protection.

“I envision a Fiji that is a caring, liberal, and tolerant and an open society where we can all share in its prosperity.

“Like everyone in NFP, I subscribe to the party’s vision to rid Fiji of the ills that have plagued our nation for almost 16 years.”

Ratu Esava said he wholeheartedly shared NFP’s vision to make Fiji a land of hope and opportunity.

“Politics in Fiji has descended into pettiness and selective pedantry. For some time now, the space to have a civilised, mature discussion on the issues facing the nation is sadly missing.

“That space is supposed to be Parliament. Unfortunately, politicians (especially in the government) have tarnished the reputation of Parliament.”

The former civil servant claimed he witnessed how parliamentary democracy had been trampled upon by the Government over the past eight years.

“The biggest issue facing Fiji today is a lack of compassionate leadership that is genuinely concerned about the plight of the Fijian people.”

The Nawaka, Nadi native said solving issues demanded a different approach from politicians.

“I am confident that the new government will be one that adopts a collective approach and the NFP has a proud history of nation-building through dialogue, consensus-building, bipartisanship and genuine consultation with the people.

“Unfortunately, this Government has been in power for far too long and its objective of riding roughshod over the mandate of the people and making laws by rushing it through Parliament under Standing Order 51 has resulted in bad governance, lack of transparency and accountability.

“All this will become a thing of the past when The People’s Alliance and the NFP are in government.”

Ratu Esava has worked under the then Department of National Roads and with Fiji Roads Authority contractors for 18 years and has served in the Western Division from the Ra Province to the Nadroga-Navosa Province.

“I would like to thank the Momo Levu Na Tui Nawaka and the 11 Turaga ni Yavusa in the tikina of Nawaka, for entrusting me with the opportunity to serve the vanua of Nawaka and Nadi.”

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