Short turn around time for next game

The Moana and Drua forward packs prepare to scrum down.

The Swire Shipping Fijian Drua side will have a short turn around before they face the mighty Crusaders in its next match in the Super Rugby Pacific this week.

Fijian Drua coach Mick Byrne said the Crusaders would have followed the Drua’s match against Moana Pasifika last Saturday.

“It’s a short turn around and you know they would have sat back maybe they were traveling I’m not sure from Canberra but they would have sat back in there look at us today(Saturday)was an extra day’s rest,” Byrne said.

“But we will assume I say the preparation for the Crusaders is a short week which is good for us. We don’t have a lot of time. We just get on with the job and the boys are really looking forward to getting over there.”

“As you say they’ve they’ve watched Super Rugby from afar and a team that’s won more titles than most and you know, and they’re in the finals all the time when you’re watching Super Rugby from afar.”

He added the Drua players are looking forward to the opportunity to play the traditional champions of the competition.

“You’re probably watching them most weeks so the boys are going to really look forward to going down there and taking on those red and blacks.”

The Crusaders will host the Fijian Drua at 7.05pm this Friday.

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