Over population of dogs affect community, says Quimby

Animal Fiji co-founder Casey Quimby. Picture: SUPPLIED

Over population of dogs in a community can affect those who live in it, says Animals Fiji co-founder Casey Quimby.

Speaking at a dog population management awareness campaign in Lautoka recently, she said the increasing number of dogs within communities must be addressed.

“When you live in a home or a community – the over population of dogs affects your life if you can’t go out for a walk with your child in the afternoon, that means it is affecting your life and your community,” she said.

“It is affecting your ability to live a happy and healthy life.

“It also means we are increasing human and animal conflict.”

Ms Quimby said dog attacks resulted in negative media publicity and this increased human and animal conflict.

“It is very inflammatory and it is blaming the dogs.

“We also have images of dogs being attacked by a person with a cane knife.

“These things are the result of communities not managing their dog population properly.”

She said the dumping of dogs was also a major of issue.

“We have communities in areas of Lautoka, Nadi and even Labasa and Savusavu where there are a large number of abandoned dogs.

“In some instances, someone is moving to a new house and they leave their dogs behind and the dog is left to survive on its own.

“Dogs are allowed to roam which means if they are not de-sexed, they make babies and those babies multiply.

“These are some of the reasons we have an over population of dogs.”

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