Kava to Australia rakes in $3.4m

Minister for Agriculture, Waterways and Environment, Dr Mahendra Reddy speaking in Parliament on Monday, April 4, 2022. Picture: FIJIAN PARLIAMENT

As of this month Fiji has already exported around a total of 30.4 metric tonnes of kava to Australia earning around $3.4 million.

This was revealed in Parliament by Agriculture Minister Dr Mahendra Reddy who also stated that there are 146 exporters where Fiji is not the only country.

He said there were other countries who were exporting kava and that 94 of these exporters were from Fiji.

“We are basically exporting most of the requirements of the market and there are stringent requirements in terms of what needs to go on the label, the importer details, the lot codes, the country of origin, statements and required warning statements,” he said.

“These are the stringent requirements that kind of hampered uplift or entry of exporters to export to Australia.

“This year they have also allowed other variants of kava, let us say kava root chips, kava root powder, whole kava root, as well to be exported to Australia.”

“Despite the challenges of labelling, we have got good uptake that we have made in the first five months.

“Our exporters have been learning along the way and making sure that all requirements are met and there are very limited obstacles to exploring this new kava market and a massive market.

“There is a large population in Australia who are from the Pacific, particularly from Fiji, who are consuming kava, they are kava lovers and we want to ensure that we take, if not all, a chunk of that market and for that we need to get ready on the ground level.”

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