FRCS records $190m in revenue

Picture: FILE

Revenue collections for the Fiji Revenue and Customs Service for December 2020 stood at $190 million.

FRCS chief executive officer Mark Dixon said the actual revenue collected had surpassed their forecast, adding that it was a positive sign for the economy.

Mr Dixon said it was their biggest month of collections since the start of the COVID-19 crisis back in March 2020.

He said it should build confidence in businesses and individuals and encourage them to invest more and help create more jobs.

“Hopefully the positive trend will continue throughout the year.”

With a major focus on ease of doing business for the taxpayers and businesses, Mr Dixon said they were also going to focus on their digital transformation of their additional processes and in the process also educate and raise awareness on their online platforms.

“We certainly have some plans to focus on trying to get more and more people to embrace the taxpayer online system because once they experience and upload their way through it, we’re very confident that it will actually make their lives easier.”

As an organisation, Mr Dixon said they were committed to ongoing digital transformation whereby technology and data connectivity would help drive their border protection predictive analysis and decision making, and allow tax clients to engage with them online 24/7 from the comfort of their home or office.

Meanwhile, Mr Dixon said they knew it was a difficult time for some businesses and encouraged them to approach the FRCS to make arrangements if they were struggling to meet their tax payments.

“I personally want to build a trusted partnership with all our clients, creating a genuine ‘open door’ policy to me as the CEO at any time, whilst embracing technological change and innovation, so that our service reform and agility steadily improves – making doing business easier and more efficient for all,” he said.

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