First ever roundtable discussion on ‘Environment and Recycling Work in Fiji’

Première conseillère Deputy Head of mission for the French Embassy Laurence Brattin-Nerriere meeting with the Founders and Directors of the Pacific Recycling Foundation Amitesh and Joseph Deo to plan and finalize the event that will be held today. Picture: SUPPLIED

For the first time ever, a roundtable discussion on ‘Environment and Recycling Work in Fiji’ will be held tomorrow afternoon in Suva.

The roundtable is an initiative of the French Embassy in Suva in partnership with the Pacific Recycling Foundation (PRF) and supported by the Government of New Caledonia and Bred Bank Fiji.

The event will bring together various stakeholders in the recycling sector in the country with five renowned panelists sharing their keen interests and understanding of the environment and recycling aspects in Fiji.

French Ambassador to Fiji, François-Xavier Léger says the Roundtable Discussion is fully integrated in the “Green Embassy” project, launched in 2015 ahead of COP21 by the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, and sought gradual and comprehensive initiative to reduce the environmental impact of France’s diplomatic representations abroad.

“This initiative is a goal the French Embassy in Fiji places a high emphasis on,” he said in a press statement.

“Recycling is one of the important components of any action plan-involving climate change and green sustainability.

“It is important that we engage ourselves in constructive dialogue that will continue to enhance the work already being undertaken by various stakeholders in the environment spectrum.”

The French Ambassador also added that ther roundtable will not only provide a medium for environmental stakeholders and players to talk about their own work in the areas of waste management, recycling and activism but also enable them to outline the importance of forming effective partnerships at both national and regional levels.

Official Representative of the New Caledonia Government to Fiji, Rose Wete says the 17th New Caledonian government through its Official Representation to Fiji was pleased to support the Round Table, as it was a common activity they shared with Fiji and the rest of the Pacific Islands.

“New Caledonia had hosted the 3rd Oceania Round Table for a Clean Pacific in November 2021 which brought together 26 countries and territories from the region,” she said.

“Through the third Oceania Round Table for a Clean Pacific New Caledonia was able to share its know-how, promote its industries and open up the market on a regional scale.

“Moreover, it was an opportunity to help other countries and territories to strengthen their capacities but also to benefit from the expertise of each territory. This continued action remains our collective goals towards the implementation of the pacific regional Waste and pollution management Strategy 2016-2025 (“Cleaner Pacific 2025”).”

Pacific Recycling Foundation Founder Amitesh Deo said greater collaboration, solidarity and sustainable partnerships between stakeholders is vital to achieve desired outcomes for waste management and recycling.

“It is also critical to change mindsets at the grassroot level, and we at PRF with the support of our partners have already embarked on community led recycling projects with an aim of empowering citizens to take ownership of the environment,” Mr Deo said.

He said they saw value in doing community led projects, as it helped in ascertaining critical data and relevant information to ensure such projects can be rolled out at both national and regional levels.

Mr Deo said the Round Table Discussion is very timely as it will give the stakeholders an opportunity to share their challenges, learnings and success stories.

The five panelists that will be speaking at the roundtable are:

  • PRF Founder and Director: Amitesh Deo
  • Director Department of Environment: Sandeep Singh
  • Creative Aspect of Recycling Artist: Suzanne Turaganiwai
  • Recycling of the Go program Student Head: Hefuhelava Kamaile
  • Pacific Island Development Forum-Secretary General: Solo Mara

The event will be held in Suva from 3.00pm to 5.00pm and live-streamed on social media pages.


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