Doge sails with Drua

New Fijian Drua Mesake Doge at the Holiday Inn yesterday. Picture: JONA KONATACI

Flying Fijians prop Mesake Doge is home after playing for the Welsh Dragons in the Wales Pro14 competition and is ready to don the Swire Shipping Fijian Drua colours.

He said representing the Drua would cap off a stellar career so far. Doge first appeared for the Flying Fijians in 2016 against Georgia at the National Stadium in Suva.

The 29-year-old rates the Fijian Drua players highly, saying they bring a different style of play to the Super Rugby Pacific competition.

“Pretty exciting to be back home being away from home for five years. Watching the Drua and signing for them for the coming season is a blessing because we finally have our own team at home,” he said.

“Being back home is special and to play for your home team along with these boys makes it even sweeter.

“For me personally, joining the team will be huge for my rugby career and now it’s a case of just finding where I can fit in the squad.

“There are some things that I can show the boys – not only to help but to inspire some of the boys.

“I hope that what I bring will help motivate the boys and contribute to the buildup of the team.” Doge said seeing something special within the Drua side motivated him to return home.

“The world cup is next year and being away from home, playing abroad, we face a lot of difficulties but to be here and prepare towards the world cup is special and this is the place that I want to be and that is the decision that I made to come home and also see my family.

“For the world cup, you never know what will happen. The world cup squad is always open – and I hope this will be the platform to help me make it through.”

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