Digital platform: ‘Has done more harm than good’

President Ratu Wiliame Katonivere. Picture: FILE

President Ratu Wiliame Katonivere believes the digital platform has done Fijian society more harm than good.

He said this while speaking to parents and students of Bua Central College during their prefects induction ceremony on Wednesday.

“In this day and age, there are many factors that we can consider challenges but I strongly believe that the effects of the digital era continues to have a profound impact on all our lives,” he said.

“The digital platform was initially invented to make work and life easier for us.

“Two decades down the line, we realise that it has done more harm than good.”

Ratu Wiliame said the online space had “created more social issues and become a threat to our foundation, our families and the vanua”.

“For a strong foundation in the vanua — traditional values and culture is to be taught and embedded in children.

“When these traditions and culture are correctly instilled, then we can expect positive changes and we can be assured of a promising future.”

He urged the newly-badged prefects to remember the importance of valuing respect, humility and confidence when executing their duties.

“As prefects, you will grow to be leaders, be adults and become parents eventually.

“The three values of respect, humility and confidence needs to be nurtured so that it is delivered from the heart.

“We need to ensure that we think, act and do everything with humility for rules, laws and obligations, respect for others, for culture and traditions and confidence in yourself and others.”

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