27th September

‘All for my son’ – An act of healing

Being selfless is not just doing a job, it is an act of healing and radiating love. That is the reason why everyday, Iliaseri Saqasaqa, gets down to shine shoes in the heart of the...

26th September

A mum’s ordeal – Lessons to learn about RHD

A Pregnant mother always hopes that her child is born healthy and lives a long life. When Erini Tokarua gave birth to her eldest child Walter Tokarua 13 years ago, she never imagined that her child would later be diagnosed with rheumatic heart disease. Ms Tokarua remembers the morning when her five-year-old son woke up...

24th September

Ritesh’s success – Hardwork pays off

Ritesh Sharma is a familiar face at the Sigatoka Municipal Market and popular in the Coral Coast town’s agriculture sector. That’s because he has been a devoted farmer for more than 24 years. The father of three was first introduced to farming as a young boy and at 40 years of age, he shows no...

22nd September

Rise to the top

Young billionaires like Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg continue to prove to the world that even with little business expertise one could still be part of game-changing business empire. That same youthful drive is what keeps Nehal Shavnit Kumar’s business dream alive. At only 22 years of age, Kumar heads a construction company — NK Construction,...

21st September

Living happy

Being happy is more than just feeling good. It is equally about finding the true meaning and purpose of life and living it throughout one’s journey on earth. This is the gist of Fijian educationist and writer Rajendra Singh’s (MF) latest book ‘Living a Blissful Life’. Guided by Sanatana principles, the book sheds light on...