Editors Comment

20th May

Editorial comment – On the lookout for dengue

So we have 1960 lab confirmed cases of dengue fever so far this year. That’s the word from the Health Ministry permanent secretary Dr James Fong. The numbers are important for many reasons. The good...

18th May

Editorial comment – Our health care system

The revelation that Fiji’s health care system has challenges in its entire value chain will no doubt attract attention. We are informed this ranges from inadequate infrastructure for early screening and diagnosis of disease, to availability of medical supplies and pharmaceuticals and their disposal. As our report in yesterday’s edition noted, this is stated in...

17th May

Editorial comment – Importance of education

The International Day of Families was celebrated on Sunday, May 15. It seemed to have passed us by with not much notice. On this special day back in 2017, former Minister for Women, Social Welfare and Poverty Alleviation Mereseini Vuniwaqa raised an important point, about parental involvement being one of the most overlooked aspects of...

16th May

Editorial comment – Drugs sex abuse and students

Around this date in 2013, the Ministry of Education released worrying statistics about drugs, sexual offences and substance abuse among students in Fiji. The revelation at the time that an average of 63 primary schools in the country reported cases of students’ involvement each year in these illegal activities was a major concern. Between 2009...

15th May

Editorial comment – We remember them

Yesterday was an important date for Fiji. There are moments in time that we must remember, to ensure the memories of those involved, and the lessons of history are placed on a very high pedestal. Government minister Parveen Kumar said something on the eve of yesterday, back in 2018, that touched on the history of the...