Assault in bus leaves mother in fear


A mother of two is ‘scared’ to allow her children to board their school bus to Suva City after witnessing school students assault an adult on a bus on Wednesday.

Mother Lice Movono said about 15 students assaulted a man in his late 30s after he advised them to behave in a bus that was returning to the Suva bus terminal.

“We were watching as they were rocking the bus and I was talking, telling him (son) don’t ever do that, no more catching the bus for you and then we saw two students jump off the bus,” she said.

“When the students jumped off the bus, like we all sat up on our seats like my son, I and the taxidriver, we were looking and thinking what’s happening here, because it was a moving bus and then we saw a whole lot of other students jump up from both sides.

“And then we saw a man wearing a Coca-Cola game official T-shirt jump off the bus too and then these kids ran.”

She said there were students from two Suva-based schools involved and while some were in their school uniforms, others were in their ordinary clothes.

She said the man was seen to be bleeding from the forehead after getting off the bus.

Ms Movono said the man claimed the students were sniffing glue and smoking marijuana in the bus.

Fiji Police spokesperson Ana Naisoro confirmed the information was received from a concerned member of the public and that they would be looking into the claims made.

“There was no official complaint lodged by the alleged victim, however, the chief operations officer ACP Abdul Khan has directed the matter to be looked into.”

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