2022 Coke Games: Track shoes for athletes

A Niusawa Secondary School teacher shows track shoes from Australia donated by former Fiji volleyball rep Inia Korowale. Picture: SUPPLIED

Fijians living abroad are reaching out to help youngsters back home succeed in sports.

Yesterday some athletes from outside Suva were donated track shoes being sent from Australia by former Fiji volleyball rep, Inia Korowale.

“He was inspired by a The Fiji Times story of a marathon winner in the Namosi race who won running barefooted,” Athletics Fiji vice-president Albert Miller said.

“He collected track shoes which reached Fiji a week ago but unfortunately was not cleared by customs on time for the start of the games.

“But schools who received some track shoes such as Niusawa Secondary School were very, very  happy.”

Some of the athletes competed with their new track shoes yesterday.

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